Clifton Park Rental is a 2nd generation family owned and operated company founded in 1973. Initially a Taylor Rental franchise supplying general rental equipment, we have evolved into one of the premier event rental companies in the region. With over 40 years of experience in the event industry, we have built our business on the principle of providing superior products and excellent service. Our experienced and professional staff will help you design your dream event.


Michael Frodey ’88 - Senior Event Supervisor / Owner / CDL Driver

Mike has worked in the business for over 29 years. As a 2nd generation owner Mike strongly believes in a hand’s on management approach. He participates in all aspects of business and enjoys planning and setting up events. Mike is very quality driven and tries to make sure his customers always get more than expected. Mike spends most of his time in the field during busy season so be patient he will call you back.

Kathleen Frodey ‘01 – Comptroller / General Manager

Kathleen has worked at Clifton Park Rental for over 15 years. She is the glue that keeps us together handling all aspects of accounting, human resources, internal operations, truck compliance, and a little of everything else.

Todd Erway ‘91 – Senior Event Supervisor / Operations Manager / CDL Driver

Todd has worked at Clifton Park Rental form over 26 years. Todd handles mainly our Large Scale events from Planning to Execution to removal. He is often seen on College Campus’ for a variety of event setups. Todd also wears multiple hats as he is also our operations manager and schedules our people and resources. Todd especially loves playing baseball with Riley!

Nancy Bardin ’99 – Senior Event Coordinator

Nancy has worked at Clifton Park Rental for over 17 years. Nancy is the voice of Clifton Park Rental as she answers the phones, take orders, produces proposals and diagrams. Nancy’s friendly nature and cheerful attitude make her easy to work with as she helps coordinate your event.

Tracy Cline ‘00 – Senior Convention Service Coordinator

Tracy has worked for Clifton Park Rental for over 15 years. She has held multiple positions here and is currently the lead person in our convention services division. Tracy’s hard work and dedication have proven to serve our convention clients well as she is often seen on-site helping with the setup.

Erika Frodey ’13 – Road Crew / Event Coordinator

Erika has spent most of the last four years helping the road crew and learning the mechanics of event setups. She currently splits her time on the road and in store learning all aspects of the business from answering phones to creating diagrams and proposals.

Riley Frodey ’07 – Tent Dog

Riley works every day, either in the office or on the road with the crew. Riley set up her first tent in CT when she was 3 months old. Riley loves her ball and makes sure the whole crew throws it for her. She will also swim whenever the opportunity comes up. Riley is loved by our customers and is missed when she cannot attend an event. PS guard your pools

The Road Crew:

Matt Rose ‘00 – Convention Specialist / CDL Driver

Tondrick Ricks ’00 – Senior Road Crew / CDL Driver

Jack Wagner ’06 – Event Supervisor / CDL Driver

Detric Ricks ’01

Jason Flanders ‘03

Mike Robar ‘04

Thomas Belisario ‘05

Kenny Holliday ‘11

Courtney Glenn ‘13

Andrew Hackett '17

The in Store Crew:

Frank Costanzo ‘07

Craig Wadsworth ‘15

Kristie Showan ‘05

Shi Ladd ‘13

Charles Hackett ‘16

Shawn Kembel ' 17